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Bathroom Design Ideas – Can you design your own bathroom?


Bathroom Design Ideas — Can you really design your own bathroom? why not! Today’s bathrooms are more than just grooming rooms and reading areas. For example, a bathroom can be a great place to put home exercise equipment and a good music system or TV. What better way to unwind after a day than a soothing shower or a warm soak in a bathtub with candlelight and relaxing music? So I start my laptop. When you get bathroom design ideas, write them down. You’ll soon be defining the bathroom that’s perfect for you.

Design your own bathroom? You bet you can! Here are some questions to ask and answer when designing your own bathroom.

1. How big is the bathroom? Bathroom sizes are:

o Master bathroom or deluxe bathroom – includes toilet, bidet, two sinks, separate bathtub and shower, whirlpool or spa, depending on your budget. Some master Skull Toilet bathrooms are large enough for exercise equipment and can be divided into smaller compartments for privacy as needed.
o Full bathroom – toilet, sink and bathtub/shower are all along one wall. Typical dimensions are 5×7 or 5×8 feet.
o Half bathroom – with sink and toilet only. It can be placed on the ground floor of a home to reduce morning congestion and the family does not have to go upstairs to use the bathroom. A typical size is between 3×6 and 4×5 feet, about the size of a small closet.
o Small bathroom – Includes corner shower, toilet and sink, typical dimensions are 6×6 feet.
o Children’s bathroom – Depending on the size of the home and number of children, this can be a 3/4 bathroom or a full bathroom. A children’s bathroom should have plenty of safe and colorful storage and storage space. If several children share the same bathroom, a wall or half wall may be a good idea between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom.
o Guest bathroom – can be 3/4 bathroom or full bathroom.

2. Planning to add convenient storage space to your bathroom? Designing your own bathroom always includes bathroom storage. You can find a combination vanity/basin for extra storage. A great bathroom design idea is that you can never have too much bathroom storage! Use wall space wisely, whether it’s on a shelf above the toilet or in a cabinet or almost anywhere in your bathroom. Consider using a corner shelf and hang towel rails from each other. Add a medicine cabinet with mirror to your bathroom to store beauty supplies, medications or toiletries. Traditionally, the medicine cabinet has always been on a dressing table or sink, but these days it can be placed elsewhere in the bathroom. Add a shower caddy to your corner shower for extra storage.

3. Are you planning enough lighting for your bathroom? Natural light is an important element in a bathroom. Windows, wall or roof skylights will bring in natural light, views or dramatic skyscapes. Open skylights are good because they reduce moisture build-up. Artificial lighting is also important and is often overlooked in bathrooms. Without good lighting, the décor and personality of a bathroom cannot be fully expressed. Bathroom lighting can be both natural and manufactured. Lighting can affect your mood and how you feel inside your home, so it should be used to brighten and define your space.

4. Another bathroom design idea – what about ventilation? If you live in a mold-prone climate, you should install an exhaust fan in your bathroom. Ventilation fans are sized according to the number of cubic feet of air moved per minute (cfm). Your own bathroom design will have a good ventilation system that can move air from the bathroom to the outdoors approximately 8 times per hour or once every 7 to 8 minutes. Bathrooms create moisture and moisture that can penetrate ceilings, floors and countertops. Eliminate odors and moisture in the bathroom by installing a sufficiently large powered exhaust fan. You don’t want the walls to crumble with sweat every time someone takes a shower.

Design your own bathroom? Go for it! Design Your Own Bathroom will read as much as possible while thinking about what you want and need in this important room. Bathroom design ideas range from the materials used in the bathroom layout to the finished colors. Making informed decisions while planning and building is essential to a successful bathroom project.

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