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Find Out Why Is Slim Fast A Bad Diet!

In spite of its popularity, a lot can be said against Slim Fast. Starting from its premises to its step by step solutions, there are a lot of question to be asked. So let’s go to the point and ask: why is Slim Fast a bad diet?

Truthfully, Slim Fast has received some good reviews. Some people may have lost some weight through this program but it pales in comparison to those who have not experienced its promised yields. The only positive thing to be said about Slim Fast is that it is very easy to prepare. Compared to other programs, all you have to do with Slim Fast is to grab one of their products and consume it. Easy as it may seem, these people should also ask what we have asked: why is Slim Fast a bad diet?

First off, Slim Fast intends you to lose weight through controlling your caloric intake. It sets the ceiling of your intake to 1,200 amounts of calories which is 500 amount lesser than the required for women and 1,000 amounts lesser for men. From this alone, it can be supposed that it does not meet the daily dietary allowance needed for our body to function properly. It would make us lightheaded through out the program, or worse, very unproductive.

So, still asking why is Slim Fast a bad diet? Let’s move on to the next point.

A main product of Slim Fast is the milk shakes. These shakes have four major ingredients: sugar, cocoa, milk and fructose. In short, these milk shakes are merely an overload of sugar which will definitely cause your blood sugar level to reach its all-time high. They also contain 12 grams of protein (much lesser than that contained in the same amount of fat-free milk) and 38 grams of carbohydrates (20 grams more than that contained in a fat-free milk). Taking into consideration the nutrients that milk contains, it would be better to drink fat-free milk than Slim Fast milk shakes.

Hmmm… Still, why is Slim Fast a bad diet? Okay. Third point.

The caloric level in Slim Fast is very low that it will cause the loss not just of fat but also of lean tissues, a.k.a. muscles. Our muscles burn calories even during non-activity. Remember that muscle is directly proportional to metabolism-meaning, more muscle equals higher metabolism, and less muscle equals lower metabolism rate. Though you may have lost some weight in Slim Fast, chances are your weight is a split between fats and muscles. Meaning, the fats you initially intend to lose are still there.

Slim Fast is truly flawed. It is the summary of all the bad things that can be said about diet programs. From dizziness and instability to ineffective fat burning, Slim Fast has it all. There should be no need to ask why is Slim Fast a bad diet. It is not a matter to be questioned, it is already a reality to be faced.

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