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The Perfect Blog Posting Schedule

“How often do you post to your blog?” is a very popular question, to which there is no right or wrong answer. Twice a month? Twice a week? Twice a day? Just one time a day?

You’ll find a lot of different blog posts promoting different scheduling for blog posts. Most of them recommend posting once or twice per week, maximum. Here’s my take on the issue – the two blog posting schedules that matter, and to what kinds of blogs they are applicable.Understanding Posting Schedules

First of all, you need understand that there is no right/wrong answer for this question, as I’ve already stated. Different timings may or may not work for different types of blogs.

The following advice is not something that I believe works for every single blog, but it’s what works for most (after my research).

How User Engagement & Blog Posting Are Related

First of all, it’s a myth that readers will be annoyed if you update your blog daily. It’s simply a myth, with no real evidence to back it up. One of my all-time favorite blogs sends me an e-mail every day or every two days.

I love it. It gives me more information than a month of Sundays of autoresponder messages from any other blog.

That said, users also don’t mind if you post only once a week. Truth be told, readers are only looking to see how they can benefit from your blog – that’s pretty much the only reason why they’re there and why they signed up to your e-mail list (unless they are friends or family.

Alright – let’s get down to the posting schedules.

Daily/Multiple Times A Day

Oooh! I feel I’m going to provoke quite a bit of controversy with this one, aren’t I?

But yes – I believe that posting multiple times per day can be beneficial to blogs. If for some reason you’re not available to post multiple times a day, then you should strive to post at least once a day. For nearly 95% of people reading this post, that’s what you should be doing.

You should definitely post this often if you run one of the following blogs, or engage in one of the following business strategies.

Informational/Tips Blogs

Take this blog for example – it deals mainly with blogging, Internet marketing, and SEO tips. In other words, it provides valuable information to those who read this blog regularly.

To be branded as an authority in your niche, your blog needs to have as much helpful, quality content on it. If that means posting 3-5 times a day, go ahead.

Most blogs on the Internet (including yours) will fall into this category.

Personal Blogs

Let’s face it – personal blogs usually don’t get much traffic. The previous rule about readers coming solely for personal benefit once again applies here.

There’s little benefit a reader can gain from your personal blog unless you’re A.) Hilarious or B.) A fantastic writer who can hold people spellbound.

Chances are, you’re not either. But let’s just suppose that you decide to go ahead and start a personal blog regardless. You should be posting once per day.

For most personal blogs, I wouldn’t recommend more than once a day (because hey – people like to have a little time to think about themselves, and not just you).

However, once per day is usually necessary, if you want any sort of traffic. This is because that the people who do follow and read your blog regularly obviously think you’re a fantastic writer or funny. And, they need their daily dose of fantastic funny (but again, don’t overdose).

The Benefits

No doubt about it, there are certain benefits you get from posting daily that you won’t get if you post less often.

Search Engine Optimization

Although this cannot be outright proven, it’s becoming clearer that Google favors blogs that post content on a regular basis throughout the day.

When you publish a new post, Google is automatically notified. Eventually, their spiders will get to crawling your pages and ranking them.

If they are notified quite often, that means you blog often. If you blog often, that means that your blog is active and regularly providing content to your readers.

All things said, this can’t be proven, but it’s a general trend I see after conducting research in the SERP’s.

Alexa Ranking

Although posting 10 times a day mean that you’ll automatically be promoted to the top 1000 blogs, the blogs that engage a higher-frequency posting schedule often rank higher, compared to blogs that post less frequently with the same quality standards.

Case Studies

I recently came across a forum thread where an Internet marketer laid down his strategy to go from $0-$200/day in AdSense earnings in two months flat.

What he basically did was outsource cheap content writing jobs to freelance writers. He hired a lot of ’em, posting on his blog 30-40 times. Every. Single. Day.

The result? He’s sitting pretty with $200/day in AdSense earnings. In two months, flat. And that’s only one of his online businesses.

Let’s take another example. A good friend of mine, for whom I recently guest posted, has a prestigious Alexa rank of 44K, amassing a total of 14,000 page views every single day.

He posts a minimum of three times a day. And it’s taken him a measly two years to be at where he is right now.

That’s pretty good, if you ask me.

On The Other Hand…

However, this rule doesn’t apply to all types of blogs. In fact, posting multiple times a day, or even once daily, would be disastrous to certain blogs.

Business Blogs

By business blogs, I mean blogs that belong to already established, offline companies – Wal-Mart, for example. These types of blogs should not – I repeat, should not post more than twice a week (and really, once a week is all you need to be doing).


Simply because those types of blogs aren’t meant to be updated regularly. Most of the time, they’re simply about discounts, or business news.

They have no need for SEO (unless it’s a local service people actually search for online). In essence, it’s just a front that says “we’re online too”.

Do You Have Something Worthwhile To Say?

You have something worthwhile to say? Something that will actually help/inspire/motivate people? Do you?

You don’t?

Then don’t say anything.

Simple as that. If you’re not sure about whether or not you should blog everyday, then blog when you have something to say.

However, try to maintain some sort of consistency. If you get sudden post inspirations, then go ahead and write the blog posts, but don’t publish them – yet.

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